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Operating in a healthy group structure with an established marketing network and dedicated personnel, Subtropico is a leader in the fresh produce market agency business.

Our main goal is to render an unprecedented service to all our producers. Our producers are our most valuable asset and this is reflected in our business philosophy.

Not only do we sell fresh fruit and vegetables, but we provide an exclusive service to our producers, confirming our reputation as a market leader.

The experience and expertise of our agents provide our producers with unlimited access to successful marketing initiatives regarding fresh produce.

Subtropico is the preferred market agency for more than 6 000 producers with a turnover of more than R3 billion per annum. More than 200 different fresh produce variants are marketed by Subtropico.

Subtropico employs state of the art technology that accelerates the delivery, progress of sales and payments to producers. Part of Subtropico’s success is the effective administration by the head office, providing market agents with the time and ability to focus on the product. Producers can obtain sales reports via E-mail, making it possible for them to monitor sales on the system in real time. The network ensures minimal risk and an increase in income.

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